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About us

Setup in April 2016, was developed by Carl Brettle.  Carl has worked in Christian Ministry for over 20 years, helping various charities grow or develop strategy.  In the last few years Carl was the Ministry and then Operations Director at United Christian Broadcasters.  During his time there publications and resources was his responsibility.

Seeing the need to provide low cost or free at the point of use resources for local Churches, this website aims to supply that need.

We create most of the resources we sell, so we can keep the price very low, and still provide quality resources.

Our aim is to provide a wide range of resources to help everyday Christians grow in their faith and be a strong witness in their community.  

The warehouse is based in beautiful South Wales and we aim to ship the products we sell within 48 hours of order.


We sell products developed through 100m, Neighbourhood Prayer Network, Prayer Magazine and PetersBrook.  Many of the products we sell have been used or endorsed by larger ministries and denominations across the UK.